The best Video Poker game – the best online entertainment for fans of land-based casinos

Video Poker is an online variety of the most popular hazardous game with some specific rules, peculiar to this or that type of gambling. The main difference from Poker is that a user plays not against other participants or a computer that can collect own combinations, but simply against own luck and fortune. Thus, it’s enough to have a winning hand and don’t worry about a computer’s combination, as it has no influence on the final result.

The gameplay is very simple. After 5 cards are dealt, the only thing a player needs to do is to choose the cards, which should be changed, and when it’s done, just to check whether it’s a winning combination on the hands or not. Depending on the type of Video Poker, the winning hands are different. As there are many specific aspects regarding combinations, pay outs, etc., all gamblers have their own vision of what is the best Video Poker game.

The best Video Poker to play on PC – the main types of the game

Generally, Video Poker is based on Five-Card Draw Poker, but in spite of this fact, there are dozens of available variants of the game. The most popular of them are listed below.

  • Jacks or Better. It’s, probably, the most popular and the best Video Poker game among other types of this kind of hazardous entertainment. The lowest payable combination is a Pair of Jacks.
  • Deuces Wild. Here a player has an opportunity to use each of four Deuces from the deck as a Wild Symbol in slots, which allow replacing cards to create a better combination. The lowest hand that can is paid, is Set.
  • Joker Poker. The deck consists of 56 cards (52 standard ones + 4 Jokers, which can be used as any of cards’ value needed.) The lowest paid hand is a Pair of Kings.
  • Bonus Video Poker. This type of the game is based on Jacks or Better, but the payouts are higher and RTP rate is 99.2 % that makes it very attractive for gamblers.

This is just nothing more or less than a small selection of Video Poker’s variants, but having known the basic principles of the mentioned types of the game, the essence of all other representatives of this “family” can be easily understood.

The best Video Poker game training APP’s shot reviews

The scope of gambling industry that is “responsible” for Video Poker training has moved to mobile devices for the long haul and is ready to offer many variants of applications to play, using Android, as an example. Well, the most popular APPs with an opportunity to train Video Poker skills and know-how are listed below.

  • Original Video Poker. This is an amazing application with a chance to use attractive options, like Video Poker trainer, and to play a great variety of the game absolutely for free with additional coins, which are available every 2 hours.
  • Mobile. This source offers many well-known types of Video Poker and some of not widely promoted. A user has an opportunity to download the games and to play them even when there’s no Internet connection.
  • Video Poker Free. This APP can easily play the role of the experienced trainer, as there are more than 15 available variants of Video Poker with no need to pay anything to play. Another attractive feature is that there’s no need to wait till new portion of free credits comes, as virtual money are available 24/7.

So, the fans of the best Video Poker game varieties now can be happy with an opportunity to play the favorite games both: on PC and on mobile devices.

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